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Love As Death

It’s possible that I will read this at the poetry thing tomorrow night… just POSSIBLE. With all the right dramatic tonations… the slooow annunciation… and some slightly heavy breathing, at just the right points.

Love as Death

A jagged cliff
I was flung myself off of
A rope I tightened too fast round my neck
That odious gas I breathed in as blossoms
You poison me with your glorious breath


And words you spoke, unthinking
And lines you wrote while sleeping
You do this for your own means
But you cannot see the hurt

Will you not know me as I sleep to death
Wrapped in warm, fictitious covers?
Will you desert me in my time of need
Of everything unholy?

I need you like a deity
You disappoint as such
I do not understand you
But I love you,
Or I must

We both distrust each other
You’re a liar
So am I

I wrap you in my arms
Like a lover lost in lust
You don’t know me
But you want me
I’ve convinced you of this much

But your kisses only smother me
Your clutching hands leave marks
You break me open in your haste
I come back to you for more

Still intact enough to move
I have not been broken small enough
There are fragments of me still
Still fragments to be heated
To be melted down to nothing
To become those fatal gasses
That will aggravate your lungs

So be ever what you are
My poisonous desire
The thing that kills me
Makes me still
Leaves me here with nothing
Not even myself
Nor life, nor death
Nothing at all but who you are
A murderous, disastrous love


Okay, so I realize there are many mistakes… especially in the pacing at the last two paragraphs (stanzas?)… so if you know how I could correct this, or have ANY advice at all, PLEASE tell me! You know, before I read it out loud to a room full of strangers.



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The Addict

Just to be clear, I wrote this poem a long time before any of this crazy Blog Crush stuff!

And for those of you who are wondering why in the world I’ve gone so moody, there will be laughter agian… there will, I swear! Just give me a second…

My Only Hope (written December 15th, 2008)

It’s too much, but it’s not enough

The addict and the favored drug

I take you just to get to sleep now

I can’t sleep without you

But you go away when I enter the night

The meanigful things with their wings made of wire

And I just pause to imagine your face before leaving

A one-way  train with a one-way thought

I’d rid my mind of you if I thought it would help

But you are the only hope I know so stay here

And you will die tonight like so many nights before

I will keep a candle lit for you

I will miss you when you go

and greet you back with wary arms

My heart is too selfish to know of love

It shuts you out before you come

But you still hang around

Oh, whisper some sweet melody

Hold me in your fragile arms

Comfort me with vague old words

Be my only hope

Tonight, tonight

Turn out the light

Meet me in the blindness

Force the truth to out itself

Goodnight my love, goodnight

Come back to me sometimes


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