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Can someone please send me a script involving a person with a split personality? Because I think I’d get the part…

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Change Is… Easy

I have a talent, a wonderful thing… ’cause when I start to get bored I do some pretty strange things! When I’m not microwaving little princes or writing Adrien Brody fan fiction, I do something I have always been fond of… ever since I was a little girl. That thing is dress-up.

Occasionally, I will break out the fake blood and become a wicked-awesome vampire… but seeing as my hair is already far too dark these days, I decided to go another way. I pin-up-y way. Kind of.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the results of the photo-shoot entitled  “Amber and the wig that won’t quit”


I Know



And to show what I mean by Pin-Up-y (and keep in mind these are not that great… and also that I can hear you laughing at me already!)


So Sophisticated. Really.Oh my god, it's so exhausting being this hot!Have a good week people, I’ll catch you later!


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