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And They Called it Puppy Love

There is something strange that can happen when you get in the habit of meeting people online. Something so odd, and often wonderful, that you will feel like a crazy person for even mentioning it. But then, how could you not?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested, in a rather forcible tone, that I sign up for an account on OkCupid. (And yes, I can literally hear your groans, laughter and sarcastic comments from here – because they are quite possibly the exact same ones I made when he brought it up!) At first, it really wasn’t much of a diversion. I would visit peoples’ profiles, be mildly amused, maybe send a short message, etc. It seemed that all the cute ones lived in the next city over, and that most of the guys interested in talking to me were just a little bit off.  Every once in a while, I would get someone wanting to instant-message and a little message box would pop up in the bottom-left corner of the screen, usually with a pretty lame attempt at conversation. Usually from someone I wasn’t really into.

One such lame attempt appeared as follows:

“Awesome look in that last photo of yours :P”

However, as I’d remembered seeing his profile and not being particularly creeped out by it, I decided to respond. And then, seconds later, he called himself out on the lame attempt and started an actual conversation.

We talked for four hours.

The next day, we talked for five.

The shortest length of time we’ve talked so far has been an hour. And that is only because I told him he was being cut off so I could get some sleep!

The point is, we’re pretty much in love. I kid! But honestly, it’s been a nice week. We talk about whatever we want, laugh about the stupidest things, and flirt uncontrollably. It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it’s absolutely no work whatsoever. It’s not love, but it is infatuation!

But like with all things, when one area of your life is going really well, another part will turn supremely crappy. Unfortunately, both these parts are contained within the same specific area. Because he lives… in another State. and while he likes to say that the distance is the clincher, I’m more of the mind that the distance is the reason it’s even possible in the first place. Because the fact that we can’t meet anytime soon also means that we have nothing to lose. Which means we can be completely honest. Which means we can fall for each other much faster and more readily than we would in real life. And also, none of our flaws are very apparent. Because, you know, there is so much distance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely happy that I met him, even though we would in all likelihood never work out. But doesn’t it just suck that the one person who can make me this happy by a) joking around with me non-stop, b) keeping up with and sometimes even outsmarting my sarcastic/combative side, and c) saying sweet things for no particular reason, has to be so fucking far away?! It’s completely unfair. And yet, it’s perfect. Because it really isn’t real.



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Dream Lover

Last night was New Year’s Eve. I’m sure you all knew that, but just in case you didn’t, there you go – you are now in the loop!

Unlike many of you, I did not spend the night getting hopelessly hammered, sloshed, shit-faced or whatever else you prefer to call absurd drunkenness. Not just because I am some ludicrously sheltered American, which I am, but also because I had to work. Which is convenient, because I hate most parties and alcohol makes me rather tired.

So there I was, ringing in the new year by folding some very ugly shirts, while outside hundreds of locals were cheering, blowing into noisemakers, and generally making merry. Not that I’m bitter, but it honestly felt just a little bit odd. I had hoped, just as long as we’re on the subject of honesty, that at some point in the night (or early morning), I would finally grasp the closure I sought in regards to a certain long-standing crush. And by closure, I mean finding myself in the back room alone with the The Coworker and, in an act of total spontaneity, pulling him close and giving him such a kiss that there would no longer be any question of whether I had, in fact, tried everything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite find a proper opening for such a display of spontaneous affection. And, realistically speaking, it’s probably for the best.

I went to sleep that night (I mean morning) with the vague but comforting feeling that the battle for lust, love, and finally closure would at last be over. I was finished. I no longer cared. At least, not in the same way. I felt relieved and calm, rather than upset and defeated, as I had the year before, when I had wanted to tell him how much I liked him, but had lacked the courage to do so.

The night’s sleep that followed, however, was sporadic and deeply unsatisfying. You know when you really need to sleep, and your body is in absolute agony for the want of it, but your mind insists on staying up and basically performing circus tricks with all your loose thoughts? Well that is what it was like, if you know what I mean. (And if you don’t, I am very jealous of you and you should probably just shut up about it! Honestly.)

The one thing that was nice about the very little sleep I got was the dream I had, which I only remembered after reviving my mind with a giant cup of coffee. It was about a boy. In the dream, I was at work (at a place I have never been before), when a pretty famous person with lovely red hair walked into the break-room and started talking to me. Only in the dream, it didn’t seem strange at all that he should, as he worked there too, though I did recognize him as famous, which is odd, if you take into account that he was probably working part-time at some retail shop where everybody hates their life. Anyway, the really weird thing is how the memory of the dream made me feel. Because even though I was definitely attracted to this person, and even though all we did was talk, it seemed as though I had no memory of being rejected by the dozens of boys I have liked before. It was like I had no baggage. I was talking to someone I liked, and I had no motives, no paralyzing nerves, and no giant need to be accepted, loved, or lusted after. I was just myself. And it was really, really nice.

Coincidentally, I woke up wanting to watch “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”


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Comedic Relief

Rhys DarbySometimes, when life gets you down, there’s only one thing to do… laugh it off.

I’m not going to say that laughter is the best medicine, because apparently someone else has already said that, but I will say that comedy is the one thing I can count on to restore my faith in love, life, and humanity… you know, for a good hour or so.

Because the truth is, nothing seems quite so bad if you can get yourself to laugh at it.

Speaking of which, have you all met my new boyfriend?

Jemaine Clement

We’ve never met, of course… but when you are in love, I think you will find that you have to deal with all sorts of little obstacles, and it’s best to try not to let them overwhelm you.

And now, for a quick rendition of that old classic, Slutty Sundays:

Pick a comedian to be your secret lover, and give a (semi) detailed account of your perfect date together.

For example: On my secretly loving date with Jemaine, we will walk down the streets of Paris, serenading innocent passersby with a choice selection of show-tunes, which we will sing at full volume and without apologies. Later, we will go skinny-dipping in the Seine and be caught by an American paparazzo, who just happened to be walking by at the time. After being bailed out of prison (by none other than Rhys Darby, of course), we will retire to a perfectly charming Parisian hotel (or , you know, The Ritz) and eat chocolate-covered strawberries while Jemaine sings “Business Time” whilst playing the guitar… and of course I will be so impressed by his ability to both eat and sing and play the guiture that one thing will lead to another… and well… you know…

(We’ll get slutty.)

Your turn!!!


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A Different Kind of Happy Hour

One thing crashed to the floor, and then another. Piles of paper that were once simply messy were now spilled and scattered. A chair fell over heavily, hitting itself on one of the legs of the table on its way down. There was so much commotion and upheaval of things that under normal circumstances would have gone quietly un-heaved, that it would be safe to assume there was something like an earthquake going on, and that anyone inside the apartment was in a state of panic as he or she observed the danger which had suddenly come upon them. But an earthquake there was not. Rather, there were two people, attempting rather clumsily to be had by one another. For the first  (and quite possibly the last) time.

As they continued to crash into the dining room set, and one or another of them stubbed their tow and tried not to howl about it, the absolute violence of their emotions were so excessive as to render the scene almost entirely comedic. Finally, the boy hoisted the girl on to the table as she flung off her top with wild and hilarious abandon, and eventually undid her bra as well and threw it across the room in no particular direction (but not before the boy had tried and failed to unhinge it himself). The boy’s shirt was unbuttoned (or rather the buttons were ripped off ), her skirt was shimmied off her, his pants got rid of, underwear hit the floor, shoes were kicked off almost as an afterthought, and socks remained on because really, who has the time? After what seemed like years of peeling off clothing, they both clamored up the table, her scooting rather ungracefully back it as he crawled over her, inadvertently  smashing her hand under his knee, and subsequently apologized profusely. “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!” – she assured him, kissing his lips fiercely lest the moment vanish underneath them.

“Shit” he said “I forgot the condom!”

“Well you don’t need it yet!” She growled.

“Better get it out ahead of time though, don’t you think?”

She sighed.

“I’ll just be back.”

“Well hurry up!” She yelled, exasperated and impatient, as always.

“Got it!” He chirped, looking up at her apologetically.

“Well come the fuck on then!”

He cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows mockingly.

“Darling?” He said, teasing her.

“Oh, Jesus Christ… will you just get up here?”

“Only if you tell me you need me.” He answered briskly, enjoying his moment of power.

“I don’t need you!” She barked, and promptly began touching herself in front of him.

He stared, and was beaten. An involuntary groan escaped his lips too soon and she knew that she had won.

“Okay! I give up!” He sang, and began kissing her calf, her knee, her thigh, and continuing up to replace her hand.

She made a noise that was more like a smile than a sneer, and promptly dropped her malicious act to the floor where it belonged.

They had found their rhythm at last.

The two of them, though passionate and decided on this particular evening, were alas completely ill-suited for each other. Where she was ambitious and domineering, he was calm and harmonious. Where she saw potential problems and failures, he saw opportunity and hope. They would never agree on anything… but they didn’t have to. They were the exact right kind of wrong. And what should have been one quick shag after work would become the unlikeliest romance any of their friends had ever witnessed. They would become that couple who would probably kill each other if it weren’t for the fact that they were so hopelessly in love. And who could say an ill word against that? The bitch in black with the smiling child of the sun? It would be a marriage of the cynicism of reality with the dream-world of fantasy, the harsh edges with the soft lines, the water with the fire, the dirt with the air. It would be a universe all its own.

It would be a relationship.

It would be a perfect mess.

And above all, it would be hot.


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This is what happens when I don’t do Slutty Sundays

Yesterday,  I decided not to write any slutty fiction, pose any slutty questions, or be metaphorically slutty in any way. I made this decision based on the fact that I was exhausted, I had to go to work, and I really couldn’t be bothered. (Also, the fact that my mom suggested to me that “my mind was not in a good place” may or may not have had something to do with it!)

Apparently though, skipping it was a bad idea.

It was around 6pm, my co-worker had left for the day, and there was really nothing to do in the store except stand around and wait for possible customers. So, naturally, my mind began to wonder. But not just in the usual way. This time, as I stood behind my register, eyes drifting lazily out the open door, I was suddenly hit with an overwhelming image of a very carnal nature.

It wasn’t of anyone specific, just a tall, dark-haired man who was suddenly doing various unmentionable things as he pressed me against a wall, or lifted me on to the counter, making my pulse quicken and giving me one of my all-time favorite feelings in the whole wide world… that I know of!

But the thing is… I was at work. I was trapped. I had to stop!

A few of you may recognize my frustration from this tweet, which was my only means of venting while remaining at my post:

“Oh god, I think I am beginning to lose it… again. Have started having “day dreams” at work. Must. Be. Normal!”

This is getting out of hand.

Maybe next time I will remember that skipping Slutty Sundays = uncomfortable sexual takeover of the mind at worst possible moment.

Right, never again. Promise… maybe!


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Last night I had a dream that Chuck Bass was a vampire. Which, if you have ever seen Gossip Girl, is really not that far-fetched. (Gorgeous, hypnotic, intoxicating, venomous – check, check, check, check.)

There was even a moment in the car where I was just about to suggest he put on his seat-belt, ontly to remember that being a vampire, he didn’t exactly need one. (Hello – Immortal?)

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly recall every single detail of said dream, but I do remember that we were being chased by something or someone, that it was dark out, and that the sexual tension was… Mmmm…

Oh, and one other thing I remember? I woke up before anything dirty could happen.

Stupid. Effing. Alarm. Gaaahhh!!!!

*Smash, bang, stomp*

So I guess I will just have to content myself with delicious little clips such as these:

See you all tomorrow for another edition of Slutty Sundays!


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Let’s Do It Like This

We should all dress like this… and do things in slow motion.

(Amazing hair flip, Liv)


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