The Weirdo

Let’s see… What do I want you to know about me?

First, let’s start at the natural place to start all things – the beginning. (Note: If you have just finished reading Fahrenheit 451, and as a result are no longer sure where anything starts, I feel for you… I really do!)

Okay, here we go…

In the beginning, Ambles was a rather troublesome baby. She cried a lot, and for no apparent reason. (She has since stopped doing this… for the most part.) She was the first child, later there would be three, but in the beginning there was only one… the perfect one. (Yes, it’s true… except for that whole crying thing, I was PERFECT. Believe it.)

When she was a child, Ambles used to love to dress up in fairy costumes and be generally admired by everyone. She also had a rather sweet singing voice, and was accustomed to gracing the commoners of the land with her simple melodies on a daily basis. She enjoyed reading stories and playing games with her little brother, while her little sister sat nearby in some contraption or another. Life was simple, life was sweet, life was an illusion. (Isn’t it always?)

Sooner or later, the sweet-voiced fairy-dancing Ambles gave way to a sour-faced, quick-witted little snot with a penchant for baggy T-shirts and baseball caps. We’ll call this the tom-boy phase. (Please don’t be fooled into thinking that just because I refer to her as a snot, that I in any way de-value this persona. Without the snot-Ambles of yesterday, there would be no well-adjusted Ambles of today.) This is when Ambles really, truly learned such important life lessons as: the value of aggressive behavior; why boys are gross; and most importantly, that sometimes you are going to have to go against what one friend says, in order not to be a total bitch to another! This Ambles also played soccer (or football, to the Europeans.) She wasn’t very good, but my god, she tried!

Fast forward to the Ambles of today, past all the awkwardness of Jr. High and High-school (which we will get to later, I promise) and you have a girl who walks that fine line between sarcastic and playful, tough and sweet, boy and girl (I mean style-wise, don’t get too excited!) Her interrests are varied, if not all that  well-defined, scattered from this to that, and once in a while you have the emergence of an obsession that makes even the author sit back and take notice. One of these obsessions is blogging. And making a complete fool of herself (apparently). Both these obsessions should combine to make an interesting little experiment. So sit back, enjoy, and bask in the weirdness that is Ambles… er, me!


3 responses to “The Weirdo

  1. The difference between blogger and wordpress:
    Pot, keyhole, tree, flower, stop sign.

  2. Cool bio. I found you via the 20-somethings blogger group. If you enjoy quirky movies then stop by my site. Cheers!

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