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Yeah… About that

Lately I have been thinking about this blog and feeling, well… nostalgic. I miss the good old days when the pages on this site were full of things like slutty fiction, musings on whether or not I could possibly end up in bed and sweaty with another girl, and hypotheses on the potential downfalls of taking a certain coworker into the backroom and, you know, discussing politics (and by that, I of course mean whatever heinous things your dirty minds can imagine.) I am sick to death of using this blog as a void for any and every complaint, and seeing it become my own worst enemy by venting frustrations that would have been better left to myself. I am resolved to fix this. Gone are the days of coworker bashing, moaning about my lackluster (read: non-existent) love life, and feeling sorry for myself in general. I don’t want to become that girl. I’m not that girl. However, being enthusiastic about life is not always a piece of cake when you are as moody a person as I am, and I don’t want to be the girl who fakes being happy to please others, either.

But never fear. Because I have a plan. A plan which you can all hear about tomorrow. Because right now I have to go to bed, as I will be getting up, like a freak, at 5am. I am sure I have mentioned it before, but it still surprises me. See you all tomorrow! (Not really, though. you know.)


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