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Where For Art Though, Duckie?

As women, we have been genetically programmed to seek out a mate with whom to breed a superior spawn. Or so they say. See, physical attributes, though appealing (at times) do very little to inform us of that one key thing – CHARACTER. Which is why, after careful consideration (I kid), I have decided to become more… wait for it… OPEN MINDED!!! (There’s also a chance that a re-viewing of a certain iconic 80’s movie has swayed my thinking. Let’s just say I don’t need a major appliance.)

Which brings me to…. My Obsession of the Week: Nerds!

Or should I say, Hollywood nerds?

Here are a few of my faves – – –

Nerds are amazing for many reasons, one of which is, they do not think they’re cool (okay, some do… but for the sake of this blog we’re going to pretend that isn’t true), which means – less arrogance over all – which, let’s face it, is a rare commodity.

Also, they will LUUUUV you! Traditionally speaking, when a nerd falls, he falls hard! No more guessing whether or not the guy likes you… if the guy in question is a nerd, chances are he’s already told you… several times.

And last but not least, they listen. That is, if you can somehow manage to veer the conversation away from World of Warcraft, Fables, and the mythology of Star Wars. (Guys, if you’re out there, don’t be offended – you know I love you.)

So girls, next time you’re walking around thinking, “Hey, who should I procreate with?” be smart, see a nerd.



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Obsession Sunday

To make sure that I update my blog more frequently (i.e. at least once a week) I am starting a weekly extravaganza of monumental proportions circulating around my rather impressive list of interests. Orrrrrr, I am going to obsess about things I’m obsessed about!

Today’s obsession? Fairy tales!!!
I know what you’re thinking – totally sexist, blah, blah, unrealistic, blah, blah, Disney ate my baby. Well, to start, I am not talking about Disney. Okay? Okay! Second, fairy tales are awesome, and here’s why:

1. The illustrations… are gorgeous! (Tried uploading a couple, but unfortunately I am having trouble. Sorry!)

2. They are completely vicious. A common punishment for treachery against the heroine is loss of eyes, via ravenous birds. Ouch.

3. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Whoever said children’s stories should be light and cheerful obviously never knew me as a child. The darkness in Grimm’s tales was absolutely enthralling to me, and I was always most eager for the versions with more shadow than light.

4. The lessons. As in, if your sister tells you not to drink from a certain spring lest you turn into a wild animal, don’t drink from it. Because you will turn into an animal, and you will cry, and no one wants that.

5. There’s always a happy ending, you know, unless you live in modern day and would prefer that Cinderella become a prominent fashion designer, and not a decorative wife to some nondescript prince. But whether you covet the prize or not, you have to appreciate the sentiment.

Oh, and they also provide historical insight into the values of an “older civilization,” but we won’t get into that.

So, any obsessions you’d like to share?


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Forget Smart

Okay, so I know that (in theory) the new age of technology is supposed to make all of us much brighter, well-rounded, well-informed citizens of the planet we call earth. And believe me, I know all the right things to read, listen to, watch, etc, to insure that I become one of these super-people (or snobs, depending on how you look at it.) But sometimes, I just need a break.

Enter shows like “Gossip Girl”, “Kath and Kim”, and others, movies such as “Get Smart”, “Baby Momma”, and “Momma Mia!” and any music that makes me want to dance, rather than nod my head in agreement. For the record, the fact that I have become so overtly snobified as of late has caused me to publicly mock possibly all these things, before eventually breaking down, giving in to my inner low-brow child, and finding out that, “Hi. I love them!”

Ask anyone in my family which movie I watch most frequently, and they will probably say “Just my Luck”, “Moonstruck”, or “Arthur.” This is because these are movies that a) I enjoy, and b) I don’t have to think about. Some of them are just plain bad (“Just my Luck” for instance, is clearly crap, but it’s also just so pretty and ridiculous that I end up watching it over and over again,) Some have received critical acclaim (“Moonstruck”) but are floated by some as simply “awful” (The Co-worker and I have had many a dispute over this very topic,) and some are just plain brilliant (seriously, I defy anyone to say anything negative about “Arthur.” It’s genius, end of discussion.)

The point I am trying to make is this: Though I once referred to my questionable taste as “being ironic”, I am now confident enough to tell you, “It’s OK if you don’t want to be smart all the time. Naps are good. Trust me.”


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