Pretty Messed Up

Today is the first day in maybe two months that my room has been clean. My excuse? I share my room with my 17-year-old sister. Who has A LOT of clothes. And a closet, which she never uses.

I, on the other hand, wound up using half a closet in my parents room when I moved back and realized there was no longer any room for me in the old one. So yes, sometimes when I get home at night and can’t go into my parents’ room because my dad is sleeping, I plop my clothes on to the end of my bed… which later turns into a small pile which spills on to the floor.

But I think it’s perfectly acceptable… because I say so. (And that’s final!)

Anyway, in addition to having way too many clothes which she never puts away, my sister also (apparently) does not have enough clothes! Now, if anyone can understand the “I don’t have anything to wear!” complex, it is me… I just went shopping (again) at Forever 21 (because I don’t have any brights)… I simply am not thrilled with the part of this complex which seems to dictate that she borrow ALL of my clothes, EVERY day, and usually WITHOUT asking. Even more frustrating? The clothing-pile-deep understanding that while I am out busily feeding my shopping addiction, she is effectively using my lack of self control to save money. NOT FAIR. There is really no point to being the oldest. Seriously.

But whatever, I’m too old to whine (or something.)

In other news, Andrew Bird is releasing his new album on TUESDAY and I could not be more excited! I’m thinking of making it an all-me-on-my-own day… getting stuff done, exchanging a mistake for something awesome, getting lunch, coffee, etc, and OF COURSE picking up the CD at my favorite local record store. Yay!

You know, sometimes it really is nice not having a steady job…



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7 responses to “Pretty Messed Up

  1. Drew

    yeah, i just don’t like when she wears my sweatshirt and then i never see it again.

  2. gary h.

    Andrew Bird is a masterful artist! Nervous Tick Motion of the Head to the Left is certainly one of my favourites! Here’s to not having a steady job so we can do what we like!

  3. alana_marisa_ALHI

    hhahhahah times like these when i’m glad i’m the only girl..however…my brothers stuff still manages to find its way in my room. i’m like HOW’D THAT HAPPEN?
    we should vow to keep our rooms clean for at least the rest of the month…honestly. it feels good with the clean-ness

  4. Stephanie

    I need a sister!

  5. Kelly Marie

    Having a steady job is terrible! (But sometimes great). On the one hand 8-5, M-F and I am done. On the other hand I have to do all my shopping with the rest of the world when it is super-duper crowded. The weeks always feel super long, and the weekends super-duper short.

    Hi! I’m Kelly.

    I must admit I had to Google Andrew Bird, but I am gunna give it a listen!

  6. Femme Star

    Hehe I would be like your 17 yr old sister. I’m writing this as I’m looking over into my closet from hell and clothes everywhere. In my defense, I’ve started to pick up lol. Good luck with that!

  7. Ambles

    Drew – Did you ever reclaim your grey one? she had it right after me.

    Gary – Yes, exactly! Only, it does also mean having less money with which to whatever I like! Ah well, such is life.

    Alana – Maybe he just didn’t want to clean it up, so he left it for you! But yes, we should make a cleanliness vow, I hate having my bedroom floor feel like rough terrain!

    Stephanie – Aw, how ’bout I lend you mine?

    Kelly – Yah, I sometimes wonder how it would feel to be a working stiff such as yourself (no offense)… on the one hand, you get more independence… on the other hand, you get less!

    Femme – Thanks, good luck with your closet!

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