The Thing About the Past is…

… you never knows how it’s going to turn out.

Help me out guys, who said this?
I’ve been searching the web for about two whole minutes (God, so long) and I still cannot figure it out! It’s driving me CRAZY!!! So, in the interest of my sanity (and I’m assuming yours as well,) I’m simply going to stop trying. Sounds good, right?

Ok, so a couple of days ago I ran into an old pal from high school whom I had always assumed I would never see again. His name was Matt, and we bonded over a shared dislike of 6th period french.

On Wednesday night, I happened to see him outside of my work with Drew, Alana, and Drew and Alana’s friend (a.k.a. Matt’s girlfriend.) At first I barely even recognized him, so I was surprised when he knew (I think) exactly who I was.

Matt: “Were you in Mr. R’s french class?”
Me: “Yahhh”
Matt: “Oh, I think we had the same class…”
Me: “What’s your name?”
Matt: “Matt”
Me: “Matt Green?!
Matt: “Yah”
Me: “Oh my God, I hecka remember you!!!”
Matt: “I know”

So, yes… all in all, a very witty exchange/joyous reunion. To be fair, there is absolutely no part of my enthusiasm that goes unwarranted. Because, well, that class was dull. And Matt made me laugh, A LOT. Like, my abs literally ached from laughing so hard sometimes. I am forever in his dept, I think.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed that he has a girlfriend, presently… but he seemed to be doing really well, sufficiently recovered from high school, and all that… and really, Drew and Alana’s friend (I suppose I should call her Ariel, because I think that is a nice fake name) is really a very nice, upbeat, sunshiny sort of creature. Which is good.

And I honestly wasn’t even jealous… okay, maybe a little jealous… but mostly, I’m just glad I got to see him. And I’m glad it wasn’t awkward, which is how I would expect a miniature high school reunion to turn out.

Maybe now I can get up the nerve to say hi to those middle-school acquaintances I keep seeing at the cafe outside of school… But ew, do I really want to talk to them?



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7 responses to “The Thing About the Past is…

  1. Krystal

    I just watched the movie “I’m Not There” 2 days ago (about bob dylan) and he says it in it 🙂 and i wrote it down! so funny that I came across this..but, i don’t know if thats original

  2. Beelzebub

    haha, I can relate. I had a boring math class (redundant?) with this guy who killed me with laughter every day. Of course, he’s gay so it’s a little different when I see him out with a significant other. 😉

    And I’m always awkward around high school aquaintances, so I’m glad you don’t have that difficulty. But fuck middle school friends. They suck. 🙂

  3. alana_marisa_ALHI

    aiya but i admit i was thinking this…i was thinking that this is what you were thinking. but yeah. lol. lame blog comment.

  4. Ambles

    Krystal – Yes! That is EXACTLY where I heard it!! Thanks, you have saved my sanity 🙂

    Beelz – Ugh, you are so lucky! LOL. And yah, the middle school people weren’t even technically friends… probably why I haven’t felt the need to talk to them yet!

    Alana – LOL. Oh great, so I really am that transparent. Yay me! (Ugh, don’t tell “Ariel”)

  5. alana_marisa_ALHI

    i wont tell her..i’m not that kind of person…no not THAT TRANSPARENT just…i guess i probably do the same things so i see the signs? sure let’s leave it at that and i DO hate how they don’t notify us

  6. Emmie

    haha yes I get that feeling about meeting my old school mates too! Some I want to see and other I soooo dont!

  7. Ambles

    Alana – thanks, I guess we are more alike than I knew!

    Emmie – exactly… some of them it’s just a real gamble, ’cause you know they were never that great/didn’t have much of a personality. Probably best to stay away!

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